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"In The Pocket"

Produced by Leo Hull - Engineered and Mastered by Phil York - All songs except Harley Davidson written by Leo Hull - Musical Arrangements by Leo Hull and Jimmy Jewell II



"Birth of the Blues"

"Leo states that the inspiration for several of the songs on this CD came from his on stage observations of the fans at concerts and shows. While this may be true, it\'s apparent that Leo\'s appreciation and insight of the Blues forefathers has given him the gift to write an authentic Blues Anthem, and "Birth of the Blues" is just that - a National Anthem for the Blues. Leo has virtually put us on a - freight train, overloaded and running late - as we travel from the cotton fields of Mississippi to Beale Street to modern day Austin, Texas. This is a classic Blues song, and it will be a Blues Anthem someday. Leo\'s visual lyrics walk us through the heritage of the Blues and it\'s influence on rock -n- roll, country and today\'s Texas Roadhouse Blues. As the song progresses we are surrounded by the haunting spirits of Robert Johnson, Hank Williams and Stevie Ray Vaughn. The visual lyrics of Leo Hull and guitar work of Jimmy Jewell will make this song a classic - a Blues Anthem!" ~ Ronnie W. Donald of Ronnie D\'s Record Review, Dallas, TX


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"Blues Dancin\' Queen"
"Hey long tall lean, you look like a Blues Dancing Queen." As the band travels up and down the road (over 200 gigs a year), they get to see it all, and "Blues Dancin\' Queen" is another lady that knows how to shake that thing. Now ladies you know it\'s important to be seen, especially if you\'re a Blues Dancin\' Queen and you got our permission to shake us up all night, but when you leave don\'t turn on the lights". Wow!

"I\'m Confused"
is an observation of the social, political and religious issues of today. It is an interesting synopsis of Washington politics, local religion, marriage counselors and love themes. This could be a hackneyed over-worn theme, but Leo puts it all into proper prospective and "I\'m Confused" is a dynamic social observation. "Life ain\'t easy living in this constant turmoil world, now they tell me that love ain\'t necessarily between a boy and a girl. I\'m confused."

"Down and Out"
You know what I\'m talking about. Everyone can identify with this song. You thought you had two incomes, but you don\'t know where it spent. "If the dollar cost a quarter and a quarter cost a dime, woo, my pockets would be empty most of the time." Jeff Stone\'s harmonica and Jimmy Jewell\'s slide guitar work is awesome.

"Party \'bout to Happen"
is just that. Get ready for a good time. Down in Texas we like to have some fun, it all gets started with the setting sun".

"Who\'s got the Blues?"
This is another great. "When you get up in the morning, brush your hair, put on your shoes, look in the mirror honey, tell me who\'s got the blues." This is a new twist to the old he\'s cheating on her theme. Yep, she\'s been messing around on him for years and now it\'s his time to return the "favor." So, now honey, Who\'s got the Blues?

"Harley Davidson"
was written by Leo\'s good friend Doug Lynch. This is a story of Harley, David\'s son, who lived his dream and died by the gun. Ride Harley ride! "He was born to live on the run," but met his fate down at a little bar on the interstate. This tune was originally written as a ballad, but you can tell that Leo has taken lots of liberties and rearranged it to fit the Texas Blues Machine\'s Texas Roadhouse Blues style.

"Pay Your Dues"
tells the story of how we all pay our dues. Leo\'s Mother is 93 years old and he asked her momma, how you get that wisdom in your soul? She tells him, well that\'s a story must be told, you gotta pay your dues. A doctor, lawyer, a peddler and a pimp, no one is exempt. "If you roll the dice too many times, sometimes you gonna lose."

"Roadhouse Rider"
Charlie Lowe is working overtime on the organ on this one. This is an authentic rocker tune, it tells the story of a rider who is going to be there with his friends, party until the daylight ends, he loves his Harley and he\'s gonna cruise.


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"Leo Hull - one of the most respected figures on the Texas Blues scene - raucous, high energy blues, roadhouse romps, searing guitar licks, infectious melodies and a terrific sense of humor - plus outrageous optimism and belief in the redemptive power of music."- Ginger Litton: "Texas Blues Radio", KNON 89.3 FM

"In a blues world that has seen its share of pretenders, imposters and wannabes, it\'s a breath of fresh air to listen to a CD by a real blues man."- Ronnie Donald: National Association of R&B DJ\'s

"Leo Hull is a masterful songwriter and very expressive. Leo surrounds himself with great talent. Jimmy Jewell on guitar is an example of the continuing evolution of blues guitar."- Dave Fury: "The Diamond Dave Fury RockShow" on KBIG Internet Radio

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