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Set #1


Roadhouse Rider

Just Your Fool

Jesus Left Chicago

It's All Over Now

Harley was Davidson

Sun Spot Baby

Cold Shot

Sharp Dressed Man

Much Better Now

Twist The Knife

Shape I'm In

Set #2

Blues Dancin' Queen

My Babe

Birth of the Blues

Pride and Joy

Heart Breakin' Momma

Party 'Bout to Happen

Roll the Dice

Who's Got the Blues

I Drink Alone

Down and Out

Betty Lou

Going Down

Set #3

Tube Snake Boogie

I'm Confused

Let Me Up

Steppin Out Steppin In


Straight Laced Man

Tore Down

Going Down In Style

Talk To Me Baby

Murder By Love

Pistol In My Boot

Pink Cadillac

Set #4

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Nasty Ways

Roadhouse Rocker

Walk This Way

Two Women

Ride On


Memphis to New Orleans

She Feels Good

Living Life

Pay Your Dues

Palace of the Kings

Set #5

Boys Are Back In Town

Feels Like Magic

Razor Blade

Two Bottles of Wine

Detroit Diesel

Things Go Wrong

One More for the Road

Bon Ton Boogie

Love Her With A Feeling

Giving You My Money

Drowning On Dry Land

To Be With You

Set #6

Scratch and Sniff

Pocket Rocket

Make A Wish

I-35 Blues

Love Me Baby

Little Red Rooster

Rainy Day Woman

Black Betty

Bleed On Me

Who's Your Daddy

Play It Like Used To Be

Ain't Going Down

Roadhouse Blues