Leo Hull and The Texas Blues Machine release new texas-blues single, "Birth of the Blues"
Leo Hull and The Texas Blues Machine of Dallas, TX release their first single "Birth of the Blues" from their new album "In The Pocket"

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(November 02, 2009 ) DALLAS, TX - He was born in Memphis. Or maybe it was Chicago. It's hard to tell when you're rollin' along in a freight train. But he came out with a whiskey bottle in hand and he's definitely not making any apologies. How many apologies would you be making if you were born in a brothel in Mississippi, on the wrong side of the tracks, no less? But he came up on the other side too. Everybody knew his name. It was the Birth of the Blues.

Confused? This gritty, grinding, classic-sounding Dallas blues song, "The Birth of the Blues", released today by Leo Hull and the Texas Blues Machine explains it all. From rock 'n roll to country, Bealle Street to Wacker Drive, wherever or however it got here, it's here...and it's a sound that throws us back in our seats, shakin' our heads, grinning ear-to-ear. This is the Blues, with a capital "B".

If Elvis Presley rode a Harley Davidson and played to the roarin' roadhouses of Texas, he might have sung this song. But no, this classic came by way of Leo Hull and TBM. This band is all Texas...Leo sounds like he may have come up anywhere in the Lone Star State, but definitely on the bluesy side of the tracks. From one famous blues dive to the next, Leo makes mention of them all in "Birth". It's a tribute to the blues from all over the country...but this particular version couldn't have come from anywhere but Texas.

To hear Leo's newest single, "Birth of the Blues", visit www.myspace.com/leohullthetexasbluesmachine

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